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Programs and Events

Field Trips
Periodically, field trips to major garden destinations are planned.  Our  members visited The Cloisters and the gardens at Wave Hill, New York City.
Decorating Skylands Manor
The Skylands Association hosts the Holiday Open House at Skylands Manor in early December as a fund-raiser for the NJ Botanical Garden.  Sundial volunteers have participated by decorating various rooms and areas of the mansion. 
Animal Rescue Support
Our members collect food, supplies, and toys that are donated
to the local animal rescue organization.

Garden Tours
A tour of members’ gardens occurs on a Saturday in June or July, usually in alternate years. This much-enjoyed social event is also a way to appreciate fellow gardeners’ efforts. 
Garden Therapy Workshop
The residents of Hillsdale House are invited to workshops to make creative items for their doors or window sills.  Sundial members enjoy guiding and interacting with the participants.


Veterans’ Memorial Home Gardens

Since 1997, Sundial Garden Club members have maintained two gardens at the Veterans’ Memorial Home in Paramus, NJ.  Evergreens, deciduous shrubs, and perennials were planted on either side of the entrance walk.

Within the “Garden of Love,” a protected courtyard where residents spend time with family and friends, Sundial has planted three square raised beds with perennials.  Flower color and varieties are chosen to encourage the interest of long-term residents.

From April through October, members keep the gardens in good condition.  Special thanks to the many members who have signed up to water, prune, and weed the gardens throughout the season



Sundial Garden Club On-Going Projects

Hillsdale Library Planter 
Several years ago, the Hillsdale Library installed a large stone planter as part of its outdoor patio renovations.  Since then, Sundial members have planted spring bulbs and annuals to create a three-season showcase of color.  Members keep a watchful eye on the planter to be sure it is watered and otherwise maintained during the growing season.

​​Pascack Valley Meals on Wheels

For more than 20 years Sundial members have provided remembrances for Meals on Wheels recipients. In recent years, the club members have expanded their offerings to include crafted gifts, such as bookmarks and teacup arrangements of silk and dried flowers. At least once a year, approximately 100 plants and/or gifts are donated to local residents.

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